26 February, 2020

AREE (Augmented Reality for Environmental Education)

Augmented Reality in Environmental Education

From January 2020, Social Innovation Center (LV), in cooperation with partners from Lithuania (VSJ Innovation Bureau) and Estonia (MTU Involved), has launched a project called Augmented Reality for Environmental Education, financially supported by the European Union non-formal education program “Erasmus +: Youth in Action” and administered by the National Agency for International Youth Programs.

The purpose of the project is to promote the use of Augmented Reality as an innovative and effective tool for working with the immediate target group of the project – young people. The project also targets youth workers and educators involved in youth education. In particular, the project will focus on the field of environmental education. The project in Estonia will be implemented in cooperation with environmental educators, institutions, organisations and youth who will be one of the direct users of the project results.

This project is a solution to the challenge facing youth workers and educators today – to find new attractive ways to educate young people on important topics, in the context of this project – environment and climate change.

The project aims to:

  • Develop an educational tool with Augmented Reality Technology to promote the ICT and digital skills of youth workers;
  • Promote the use of an innovative digital tool, Augmented Reality, between youth workers and educators;
  • Promote new forms of youth work, open educational resources and better use of ICT potential;
  • Encourage and educate youth organisations to engage in innovative and creative thinking, to use and create new tools for youth participation using new technologies;
  • Promote the involvement of young people in environmental education in the partner countries and in the wider European region.

The project will develop a practical tool in the field of environmental education that can be freely used by anyone interested, and will be invited to participate in the project activities, not only to learn how to apply project results in everyday work but also to develop learning tools on augmented reality base.

The project will be implemented by summer 2021. If you have any ideas for collaboration, contact the project coordinator angel.casal@involved.ee

Angel Casal

Project manager

MTÜ Involved