18 May, 2018


“Street Participation for Active Citizenship in Europe (SPACE)”


About the project:  SPACE Project Europe For Citizens 

To challenge the citizen’s participation issues, a Network of Towns (LAs and CSOs) from 11 EU countries + Neighbouring Countries, usually involved in local democracy, thanks to the 2 years project “SPACE.”, will bring and carry the European debate in the street, closer to their citizens. This project will improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at EU level and encourage democratic participation.

The specific objectives of the project are : to create space of expression, debate and exchange for citizens about the future of Europe; to raise the capacities of LA and CSO in new form of citizen’s participation; to make the voice of the citizens heard at European level; and to promote the European Tools of Citizens Participation. (ETCP). Through some innovative methods of social interaction in the public space, 22 participants will become “Street Facilitators” and after being adequately trained, they will act as multipliers of “Street Debate”. During some local events, they will organize some “Porteurs de paroles”, a street workshop that permit a large participation of the citizens. All the views and opinions expressed will be carried in a European dimension and citizen’s voices will be valorised and brought up to the decision makers’ level. Thanks to this grass-root stimulation of democracy, the participants will also create some innovative tools to inform in the street the citizens about the existing European tools of participation.

In total, 6 international events will be organised in 6 different countries and the participants of these European event will organize 3 local events (33 in total) to put in practice the innovative methods. The project “S.P.A.C.E.” will enhance from the street the debate about the future of Europe, and will permit to the network of towns composed by diverse typology of organisations to have a long-term impact on the partner communities and at EU level, thanks to the tools, methods and to the dissemination tools produced.


1) To create space of expression, debate and exchange (Agora Function) for citizens in public space about the future of Europe.

2) To raise the capacities of LA and CSO in new form of citizen’s participation and promotion of EU tools of participation.

3) To make the voice of the citizens heard at European level.

4) To promote the European tool of citizens participation. Thanks to this project, we will able to train some citizens as “Street Facilitators”. The project will be articulated around 6 international events and 3 local events.


1. 04-07 April 2018 – Italy TOWN OF TIGGIANO – International Event 1: Kick off meeting with an opening seminar (3-4 participants per partners, 44 International participants in total)

2. 04-07 June 2018 – Italy TOWN OF LECCE – International Event 2: Training Course on Public Space Interaction (3 participants per Country, 27 International participants in total). Training of the “Street Facilitators” (focus on Porteur de paroles).

3. Summer 2018 –Estonia Local Event 1: Organization of local Porteurs de parole (How important is Europe for you?

4. 06-09 October 2018 – ESTONIA – International Event 3: Dissemination seminar (2 participants per partners, 32 International participants in total), sharing of the localevents experiences and creation of “European Porteurs de paroles”.


5. Winter 2019 – ESTONIA Local Event 2: Organization of local Porteurs de parole” (What kind of Europe do you want? Future of Europe).

Dear all, i hope that you’re all safe back home, thanks a lot for the wonderful days in Marseille. Please find the leaflet “How important is Europe for you” #SPACE#EuropeForCitizens and #StreetDebate

Leaflet How important is Europe for you

6. March 2019 – France – International Event 4: Marseille (France) from the 18th to the 21th of March. Workshop on street sensitisation (2 participants per partners, 32 International participants in total), collective creation of street tools to promote European tools of participation.

7. Dec 2018- May 2019 – ESTONIA Local Event 3: Street sensitization on EU tools of participation.

8. May 2019 – SERBIA – International Event 5: Novi Sad (Serbia) from the 07th to the 10th of May. Public seminar on good practices (2 participants per partners, 30 International participants in total), Sharing of the best practices and creation of the dissemination strategy and tools.

9. October 2019 – SLOVENIA – International Event 6: Final Conference (2-3 participants per partners, 41 International participants in total), conclusions and presentations of the results of the whole project.

SPACE’s partners

Italy: City of Tiggiano. Association Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa, Association Officine Cittadine

Estonia: Involved ngo

Serbia: Foundation Novi Sad 2021, City of Novi Sad.

Romania: Association Go Free, City of Sinpaul, Bogdan Rusu

Austria: Association ALP

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Association UG Front Slobode

Croatia: Association ZUM, City of Porec

Greece: City of Chios

Slovenia: City of Trebnje

France: Association Lyon a Double Sens, City of Lyon