22 August, 2017

IMPACT YOUTH crowdfunding platform


Youth social business Crowdfunding platform for implementing new ideas in the Baltic States impactyouth.eu LAUNCHED!

Do you have an idea to improve your community’s life? Maybe the idea of ​​helping certain social groups? Maybe it is related to the availability of education or the promotion of employment? New business model?

You need startup funding! Get in on www.impactyouth.eu!

Want to contribute to the development of young business ideas and help solve social problems? This is not a donation platform, but a real opportunity to invest in business projects! Get in on www.impactyouth.eu!

Encouraging young people from the Baltic countries to create ideas for social entrepreneurship, INVOLVED ngo together with partners from Latvia, Lithuania, Italy and France has launched an excellent platform for new social business ideas ImpactYouth!

The platform will stimulate change and innovation in various areas; launch creative and affordable solutions to social problems, helping courageous and creative young people who are not afraid to make their dreams come true!

When starting to solve social problems using business models, young entrepreneurs often lack start-up capital, financial support mechanism. This is especially true for social enterprises that do not always have the same opportunities to compete with the business sector, especially at the initial stage of the development of the idea. The new crowdfunding platform impactyouth.eu will be a great tool for promoting business creation and development. Joint financing – the development platform will enable mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and inter-community projects to find their financiers, as well as investors to find ideas and projects, allowing them to celebrate new, innovative projects and at the same time help to foster various social problems, both locally and regionally.

The ImpactYouth platform is looking for social business ideas from young people from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as well as potential investors, inviting them to place ideas on the platform that include social benefit goals, changes in society and attractive commercial products or services.

The platform offers young people under the age of 35 to present their business ideas and launch an active campaign for fundraising for 30 days. The first 30 ideas published will allow you to continue the campaign for 60 days!

In order to get funds, at least 75% of the amount of funding requested must be collected during the campaign!

This platform is part of the project “Development and promotion of social entrepreneurship among young people” co-financed by the Erasmus + KA2 program “Strategic Youth Partnerships”.

More about the project: IMPACT YOUTH