4 January, 2021

e-learning platform “First Steps Into Business Success’’ goes live!

Launching event on 15th December 2021: new e-learning platform on youth entrepreneurship

International project „First Steps into Business Success“ has developed e-learning platform together with partners from Poland, Bulgaria, Spain and Estonia for youth aged 18-30. New platform aims at providing youth knowledge and skills in order to start their own enterprises, to learn about eco innovations, but also Fair Trade.

Launching event was held at Kesklinna Youth Centre (Raua tn 23, Tallinn) on Wednesday, 15th December 2021.

The e-learning courses of the project First Steps Into Business Success is published in five language versions – English main project language and mother languages of our project partners: Polish, Spanish, Estonian, and Bulgarian.

On the specially designed e-learning platform, youth will learn about entrepreneurship, economics, and market economy issues with particular emphasis on eco-innovation in business and the idea of Fair Trade.

During the course on the e-learning platform, participants will learn how to set up and run their own business.


Enroll in a course here.

The e-learning courses were prepared in collaboration with our project partners, and consist of 4 e-learning modules:

📝 Module 1 Eco-innovations in business. This module was prepared by Warszawska Izba Gospodarcza – Poland

📝 Module 2 Business plan of the eco-innovative enterprise (the content of the module was created by Asociación EuropeYou – Spain)

📝 Module 3 Ways of financing of eco-innovative enterprises (the content of the module was prepared by INVOLVED – Estonia)

📝 Module 4 Principles of Fair Trade (the content of the module was prepared by Alternativi International – Bulgaria)📱💻