4 January, 2021

e-learning platform “First Steps Into Business Success’’ goes live!

The e-learning courses of the project First Steps Into Business Success is published in five language versions- English main project language and mother languages of our project partners: Polish, Spanish, Estonian, and Bulgarian.

On the specially designed e-learning platform, youth will learn about entrepreneurship, economics, and market economy issues with particular emphasis on eco-innovation in business and the idea of Fair Trade.

During the course on the e-learning platform, participants will learn how to set up and run their own business.


Enroll in a course here: https://fsibs.com/e-learning/?lang=en

The e-learning courses were prepared in collaboration with our project partners, and consist of 4 e-learning modules:

📝Module 1 Eco-innovations in business. This module was prepared by Warszawska Izba Gospodarcza -Poland

📝Module 2 Business plan of the eco-innovative enterprise (the content of the module was created by Asociación EuropeYou-Spain)

📝Module 3 Ways of financing of eco-innovative enterprises (the content of the module was prepared by INVOLVED-Estonia)

📝Module 4 Principles of Fair Trade (the content of the module was prepared by Alternativi International– Bulgaria)📱💻