3 October, 2012

About us

INVOLVED is non-governmental organization aiming at creating opportunities for life-long learning and fostering development of individuals and different targets on local and international level.

Via broadening horizons, developing practical skills and offering information and activities, we aim at more active participation in civil society. Involved is interested in and active at youth mobility projects and development of youth and voluntary work, intercultural learning, integration and migration, equal and human rights.

Which requires, among other things, the following activities  carried out:

– Develop practical skills, broadening their horizons, thereby providing opportunities for active participation in society of persons;

– Information gathering, processing and distribution;

– Preparation of publications, review and issue;

– Preparation and execution of projects, and its service offering and related consulting; counseling and information services;

– Camps, youth exchanges, training, seminars, training, conferences, courses, workshops, exhibitions, events, etc., and the commemoration of the organization;

– Theater as a method of social integration, demonstration, development, and implements both locally and internationally;

– Volunteering in developing, promoting and coordinating both local and international levels;

– Organizing events and projects in areas such as, but not limited to: youth work, social work, education, culture, music, art, photography, dance, sports, environment, health, intercultural learning, integration and migration, equality and human rights.

People involved with an organization have long-term experience in various programmes such as all actions of Youth In Action; and Leonardo da Vinci including working with young people with fewer opportunities, not only in Europe but outside as well.

INVOLVED was legally established in 2012.


Estonian Youth Agency (Euroopa Komisjoni mitteformaalne haridusprogramm Euroopa Noored)

Check out our member experiences in Estonia:

EVS Volunteer Stories: Art Creates Bridges

Our organization is the multiplier of EURODESK Network in Estonia.

Multipliers are local organisations (e.g. youth centres, associations, municipalities) but despite their variety, their core mission remain the same. As one of the most important tasks within the structure, multipliers maintain a face-to-face connection with young people through events and campaigns they organise. Multipliers are the body in the system who make sure that the mobility information collected in the network reaches young people who then through the work of multipliers receive youth information and counselling based on their personal profiles.