28 January, 2020


Involved’s theater department with its workshops and trainings introduces and explore the possibilities of theater for individuals and collective self-expression through all its possible manifestations, means:

1. Explore theater as a cultural phenomenon considering its historical, philosophical and social sets and it influences,

2. Workshop that proposes a space for experimentation based on tools and methods taken from different fields enriched by ideas of artists from various artistic disciplines and authors;

3. Getting to know the theatre tools for performances and actors through practical exercises,

4. To amplify the expressive abilities of the initiated or experienced actor,

5. Practical and functional introduction to production components and its roles,

6. Co-production with other art disciplines such as dance, music and other performing arts,

7. Its target groups are heterogeneous (no age limit, different expressive and artistic formations), –

8. Aims to improve the creative impulse and generate scenic materials from the sensitivity and poetics of the participants.

Theater workshops‘s objectives and its content / program:

The workshop introduces a variety of acting techniques, including improvisation as well as concentration and relaxation exercises that are based on various acting technique’s and their further development in different art disciplines; namely: from Konstantin Stanislavski’s system, Meyerhold, Chekhov’s actor technique, Lee Strasberg, Barba, Alexander, Meisner, Badiou up to Deleuze amongst others generating a dynamic reflection and not sedentary, a way of thinking an open theater to a vital and unique experience of generating action from a payful ground and the need for communication and expression.

Time and duration of workshops


  • Weekdays (days and times to be agreed between students and trainer)
  • Saturdays and Sundays: mornings (starting at 10 am).

  • Some trainings are also planned for weekday mornings and daytime (individual classes)


  • Trainings is calculated in academic hours, (one academic hour = 45 minutes)
  • The courses usually last for 2 hours at a time.

How much?

  1. Individual classes: 25 eur. per hour

2. Group classes:

  • 4 Classes x month: 120 eur.
  • 8 classes x month: 240 eur.

After workshop’ participation participant:

Is Familiar with the basic trends of world theater,
Knows the basics of acting skills,
Is able to analyse a text, a play from different perspectives,
Has the opportunity to participate in a final production as an actor or other creative theatre department member’s production

Registration for theater workshops:

You must register in advance to participate in the training.

You can register via e-mail: angel.casal@involved.ee

-Personal information required (name, phone, e-mail address);
– Upon registration, the participant confirms that he / she has read accepts the condition of the workshops;
-Once the registration has been accepted, participant will receive an email confirmation including the tuition fee to be paid before the starts of the workshop.

Workshop is held at our partner Free Flow Studio, located at Viru tn 4, Tallinn.