19 December, 2013


Independent work of CONTEMPORARY DANCE:  ”CARNES” by Gustavo Soto

PREMIERE: MARCH 2nd, 2014, Buenos Aires-Argentina.



CARNES by Gustavo Soto

Carnes Four heterogeneous bodies are fused together by a combination of movements, music, objects and abstract meaning meat …

The idea was to work with four heterogeneous bodies used differently through movement to abstractly represent bodies as meat. The staging wants to represent abstract and poetic way the scope of a slaughterhouse, and ribs of cattle where anything can happen, opening a range of possibilities of perception through music and the movements of the performers dancers on stage. In this context referring to the submission of the demands of the environment, which sometimes uses people, not as such, but as pieces of flesh baring bodies and exposing all the flaws, virtues and emotions e, back to the point of being used as a piece of living flesh.

TRAILER : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0saOh_k4Pc


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Cast: Belinda Actis, Nuria Vadells, Romina Alaniz, Damian Saban, Jorge Alberto.
Original Music and Sound Engineering: Alberto Lagos Quercia.
Graphic Design: Alejandro Elizondo.
Camcoder VideoArte Dance: Roddy Castro.
Photo: Martin Raviolo.
Set Design: Veronica Vojcicki.
Lighting Design: Gustavo Soto.
Costume: Marisa Elorriaga.
Production Assistant: Alejandra Centanaro.
Press: Simkin & Franco.
Choreographic composition and general management: Gustavo Soto.
Duration: 40 minutes.

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Venue: Teatro EL POPULAR, Chile 2080 CABA , Tel : 0054 9 11 2051 8438

Reservations:  $ 70 General / $ 50 Est / Jub .


Mr. Gustavo Soto.
IUNA Arts Movement
Choreographer , dancer , teacher and theater director.
Graduated from National College of Arts IUNA -Degree in Choreographic Composition.
He took drama classes at the San Martin Cultural Center , and was awarded a scholarship at the School of Musical Comedy by Julio Bocca Foundation School .
Perfects daily with distinguished teachers of high trajectory , national and international courses , seminars and classes choreographic composition classical , modern , jazz dance and contemporary dance .
As a producer , director and composer choreography , presented various works of dance as ” Labial … ” (2010 ) . ” … Fucsia ” (2011) ” Dual … ” (2011) ” A Body … ” (2012 ) ” Sensations in Tallinn … ” (2013 – Europe), “In my dress … ” (2014 ) , ” Carnes … ” (2014 ) .
Organize Cycles dances, choreography and body management advice for dancers and actors.
He was invited to present their work at various national and international festivals dances. He has traveled to Europe , Tallinn -Estonia in June and July 2013 to conduct seminars dances, and other performances of motion.
Part of COCOA datei ( Contemporary Choreographers Associate ) Independent Dance Theatre .
Currently on the creative process of his new dance piece Brand on March 2nd this year.




“Solos con la Danza” 2nd edition Argentina   Dance solos “independent cycle of contemporary dance”

Solos con la Danza IIEvery Sunday of February 2014 at 20 Hs , a single cycle independent of contemporary dance with choreographers and young local performers will perform in Argentina in the second edition of SOLOS CON LA DANZA.

Marcela Chiummiento , Rodrigo Morero , Lucia Fucci , Virginia Moreda and Gustavo Soto.

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All were students of the National Institute of Art (IUNA) in Argentina; in career of Choreographic Composition in DanceMention. Most of them graduated and others in the last stage of their career. The production and organization is headed by Mr. Gustavo Soto , who has called for the second time some fellow students to prepare for a sample of dance, which consists of four solos that lasted 12 minutes, which together will form a dance function , leading to the different possibilities of movement research .

Location: La Oreja Negra
Address: Uriarte 1271 Buenos Aires , Palermo .
Tel : (+54 11) 2053-3263
Web: http://laorejanegra.weebly.com/
Every Sunday in February at 20 pm


Ciclo de movimientos , Solos con la Danza

en-mi-vestidoTodos los domingos del mes de  febrero del 2014 a las 20 horas, habrá un   ciclo de solos de danza contemporánea independiente de jóvenes coreógrafos e intérpretes  locales:

Marcela   Chiummiento, Rodrigo Morero,  Lucía Fucci, Virginia Moreda y Gustavo Soto.

Todos fueron  estudiantes del  Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte (IUNA), en la carrera de Lic. en   Composición  Coreográfica, Mención Danza. La mayoría Licenciados y otros finalizando la cursada. La producción y organización se encuentra a cargo del Lic. Gustavo Soto, que ha convocado por segunda vez   a   algunos   compañeros de estudio y preparación para realizar una muestra  de danza, que  consta de  cuatro solos que duraran 12 minutos, que unidos darán forma a una función de   danza, dando lugar a las diferentes  posibilidades en la investigación del movimiento.

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Solos con la Danza II blanco y negro